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Please read:

Past recoveries on behalf of former clients, whether by settlement or verdict, do not constitute any representation as to the value of your potential case nor is any warranty or representation made that a recovery will be had. At this time the firm of Sinclitico & Burns has simply agreed to give you a free consultation in order to discuss with you the facts and circumstances of your claim.

California law imposes time limits as to when lawsuits must be filed in the Courts. These limits are referred to as Statutes of Limitations and indeed vary upon the type of claim being made. Additionally, the Government Code contains further requirements when pursuing an action against a public entity. Time may be of the essence!

We will be pleased to review the facts with you to see if there is a reason to believe that negligence has occurred which was a legal cause of injuries and damages.

If you retain our services it is understood that we will be paid on a contingent fee basis, i.e., if no recovery is made we will not charge any fee for our legal services.